Terms / Legal

The Bill Moss Partnership was established to serve as an independent list broker and compiler. Every request is handled on an individual basis. As it is not however possible to guarantee all the lists and companies we represent we must insist that all orders are subject to the following Terms and Conditions

Lists Described in our literature are only a sampling of those we can provide. Contact us if your requirements are not mentioned. We welcome the opportunity to research special lists

Limit of Liability: The Bill Moss Partnership does not guarantee results or accuracy from the use of any list, nor shall they be liable for any loss or damages sustained by the Buyer through the use of any list.

List Counts are approximate and subject to change due to constant updates and revisions. Check for current counts before ordering. No responsibility can be assumed due to your material over-runs or shortages.

All Mailing Lists are rented for one time use only unless otherwise authorised in writing by The Bill Moss Partnership. If provided for multiple use it is on the basis of use for 12 months and by the original client only.

Direct Marketing Agencies may use or provide the material on behalf of their client on the condition that use is for one client only and subject to all other paragraphs in this section.

Lists cannot be returned or exchanged.

Delivery Schedule is normally one to three working days. While The Bill Moss Partnership will make every effort to complete the contract within the time quoted, time shall not be the essence of the contract unless specifically agreed by The Bill Moss Partnership in writing.

Terms will be payment in advance or within 30 days at our discretion as we in turn are immediately responsible to our suppliers.

Copyright of lists and all other materials supplied by The Bill Moss Partnership shall at all times remain with the list owner or The Bill Moss Partnership as the case may be.

Mailings by or on behalf of the buyer will be warranted that such items contain nothing which infringes copyright or is defamatory, obscene, indecent or otherwise illegal or unlawful and shall keep The Bill Moss Partnership fully indemnified against losses, costs, charges and expenses of whatsoever nature arising out of or in connection with a claim in relation to such use.

Force MajeureThe Bill Moss Partnership shall not be liable for any loss suffered or incurred by the Buyer as a result of The Bill Moss Partnership being unable to perform the contract by reason of any act of God, War, Lockout, Strike, Fire, Flood, Delay in Transit, Postal Delay, Riot or any other unexpected or exceptional cause or circumstance beyond The Bill Moss Partnership’s control.4