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Stay Afloat by Standing Out – 3 More Top Tips for Effective Direct Marketing Whilst Working from Home

Following our Be on Point post offering 3 Tips for Effective Direct Marketing from Home in these uncertain times, here are 3 More Tips for businesses with an urgent need to get their message out there in order to stay afloat.

Advertising is not a cost-effective option for many businesses. Email marketing or direct mail offers a more cost-effective option to reach potential customers or clients. Direct marketing is our business for 30 years, so if you are thinking about email marketing or direct mail, take onboard our best practice tips to ensure smooth sailing.

Be Impactful First Impressions Count

For potential customers to form positive assumptions about your brand based on marketing communication, make sure it creates an accurate first impression.

The design and layout of marketing materials must represent your brand, complement its values, and create an impression in line with how you want your brand to be perceived.

Consider if the brand behind your product or service is mainstream, premium, budget or professional. Your email design or direct mail material needs to look and feel like with your brand.

Be Engaging Grab and Hold Attention

Engage customers right off the bat with a strong headline and strapline or subtitle that grabs their attention, heightening the chances of them reading more.

Ensure text is well written and help hold interest by breaking text up with images to make it easier to digest.

Be Relevant Increase your ROI

By knowing your customers and what interests them, you can ensure your direct marketing message is relevant to them. Relevance guarantees you will cut through clutter and stand out from competition. There is a 30% higher Return on Investment (ROI) from relevant direct marketing compared to generic.

As Ireland’s largest and longest established database list broker, we are still open for business!   The team at The Bill Moss Partnership can help ensure your direct marketing is personal and on target to ensure stand out.  We hold the largest selection of both Business and Consumer data files which will enable you to market effectively through this unforeseen and difficult period.

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