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Transform your data into actionable insights with business analytics

We help businesses with generating insights and sales strategy optimization, starting with the data you already own. 

Our comprehensive analytics process involves the use of business data, statistical analysis, and predictive modeling to identify trends and insights that can help your organization make data driven decisions.

Explore sales trends and measure custom KPI’s for your business

From your inventory and finances to market trends and customer satisfaction, we’ll use your own KPI’s in our data visualization process to help you make the most informed decisions possible.

After a consultation to determine your analysis goals, our data team will help you create a custom dashboard to analyze your chosen metrics.

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What We Do:

What’s Included in Our Business Analytics Service


Our experts work one on one with our clients to ensure that all insights & results are tailored to your objectives throughout the analysis process.

Data Cleansing & Preparation

The first step in our business analytics process is to free the data from any errors or duplicates that could influence results.

We’ll standardize your business data in terms of fields and structures within those fields to finally append our data to create one massive functional data set for analysis.

Data Segregation & Analysis

The data is partitioned into 3 pools: descriptive data, training data, and testing data. Our unique business analysis process then uses both predictive and descriptive analytics to discover patterns and clusters within your organization’s dataset.

Reporting & Data Visualization

With a combination of visualization, consultation, and a written report of our findings, you’ll be provided everything we discovered that is relevant to you and your organization for strategic implementation. 

Post Data Enrichment & Lead Enhancement

Based on our findings, you’ll have the option to add on additional sales leads that we’ve selected for your sales strategy based on training data and probabilistic outcomes used in our predictive models.

Over 1000+ Businesses Currently Growing with Bill Moss Data

Why Bill Moss Data?

Ireland's No.1 Source for Accurate Data

For over 45 years, we’ve been Ireland’s no. 1 source for quality, accurate business data. We know that every organization is different and requires unique solutions. Our friendly team of data experts is ready to work with you and your budget to help you find the best data based solution for you and your business.

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Our B2B Data Solutions 

Business Analytics

Make better-informed decisions backed up with accurate data visualizations. Our unique BI process uses algorithms to extract actionable insights from your company’s data to help you identify trends and patterns to drive performance and revenue.

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B2B Data and Marketing Contacts

Our in-house B2B database stores records on over 120k businesses and 220k contacts throughout Ireland. Discover recent business information, company identifiers, decision makers, contact information, or other defining metrics. Search our B2B database to enhance decision-making, generate business opportunities, and assist marketing and sales teams.

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B2B Data Cleansing

Our business data cleansing service updates the data in your company’s CRM or sales development database to ensure it’s accurate, complete, and consistent. We’ll remove records of duplicate prospect contacts, standardize formatting across all your accounts, and correct any errors that may have been made.

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Data Compliance

Our data compliance consultancy advises clients on how to implement and achieve organization-wide data compliance. Ensure your data is up to date and standard with the most recent GDPR and NDD specifications. 

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Dublin’s Most Trusted Business Analytics Agency

With over 45 years of experience in B2B data solutions, we’re Dublin’s number one source for organizations looking to optimize their sales strategy with data driven insights and statistics.

We have been exceptionally pleased with the results from our direct marketing campaigns in Ireland using Bill Moss Data. In our experience the data is very up to date and always delivered on time; we will therefore have no hesitation in reccomending Bill Moss Data for your direct marketing campaigns within Ireland.

Neil McCarthy

Managing Director, Intermedia Global LTD

Bill Moss Data remains the primary source of quality, researched lists and databases in Ireland today and their experience of over 30 years makes them an authority on how best to target the right people for your campaign. Their expert advice, which they are happy to impart, will undoubtedly save you time and money.

David O’Sullivan

Managing Director, Ignition

I have engaged with the services of the Bill Moss Data for almost two decades, working in a variety of sectors and businesses. You get more than just data from Bill Moss– you get the benefit of wisdom and expertise in marketing, as well as friendly professionalism and responsiveness from the team.

Thora Mackey

Managing Director, The Institute Of Directors

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GDPR Compliance

Ensure your business data is protected and up to GDPR standards and regulations.