SalesSight Analytics

Unleash your data’s potential with SalesSight Business Intelligence 

Discover data driven insights and grow your numbers with SalesSight™ analytics. Our advanced data visualizations and analytics offer businesses a powerful tool to gain actionable insights, streamline operations, and outperform competitors through data-driven decision-making. 

Sales Sight Solution Overview

Transform your unique data into actionable insights

Proper data collection is essential for any business. However, data in itself doesn’t really tell us any new information. Being able to collect the right data is one thing, but making it useful requires an experienced skillset.

That’s where our data analysts come in. 

Our SalesSight analysis consultants can help you unlock powerful insights using your data, your way. We will work with you to understand your data environment and business goals. From there we will cleanse, analyze, and visualize your data to align with your objectives.

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Custom visualizations

Analyze custom KPI’s and trends that matter to you and your business

From inventory and finances to market trends and customer satisfaction, we’ll use your own KPI’s and industry trends in our data visualization process to tailor insights and outputs to your goals.

After a consultation, our data team will create custom dashboards to analyze and visualize your chosen metrics any way you might need. 

Whats included in our service

SalesSight’s End-to-End Project Flow and Business Benefits

Our full SalesSight analysis service takes a collaborative, consultancy based approach to data analysis in order to generate accurate insights that are relevant to you and your company.

Here’s what you can expect to receive during our full service analytics consultancy: 

Strategic Consultations

We start by first understanding your business requirements. After a few discussions, our team explores your data, asks the required questions and sets goals for the project.

Reporting & Visualization

With a combination of visualization and trend reports, you’ll be provided with newly discovered insights that are relevant to you and your organization. 

Data Analysis

The team gets started on various models and dashboards using your data where are able to monitor predictions, results, and insights. 

Sales Lead Enrichment

Based on our findings, you’ll have the option to buy strong sales leads that we’ll provide based on training data and probabilistic outcomes used in our predictive models.

Who we work with

Our Partners

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