Bill moss marketing intern

Q&A with Bill Moss International Intern Maya Perez from Chicago

For Summer 2019, The Bill Moss Partnership has been delighted to welcome two US business student interns from Loyola University Chicago. Here, we meet the first of them, to talk about the experience through 10 questions.

1. Where are you studying and what’s the name of your course?

I’m a Marketing major, currently studying at Loyola University of Chicago.

2. What have you been working on during your time at Bill Moss Partnership?

I’ve been busy working across various projects, including finding new uses for business lists, developing advertisement material and social media pages, as well as looking at methods to revolutionise the way the company sells its products.

3. What have you learnt during your time at Bill Moss Partnership?

The most important thing I’ve learned here at Bill Moss Partnership is how to apply the business skills I’ve been taught in university to a real-life company. As a Marketing major, we’re taught how to sell products that benefit consumers. However, I hadn’t had a chance to apply my knowledge in a hands-on environment until Bill Moss Partnership granted me the opportunity to intern here. It has been a fascinating experience being able to help an actual business generate ideas for the future.

4. What are you most excited to learn more about?

I’m excited to learn more about the way marketing is influenced by consumer psychology. During my time at Bill Moss Partnership I have been given the opportunity to design multiple advertisement concepts for the company that will be sent out to thousands of businesses. I’m excited to see the way the skills I’ve learned influence the company’s interactions, and to be able to measure and analyse the overall effectiveness of my work.

5. From my time at Bill Moss, what do you think are biggest opportunities for direct marketing in Ireland?

As we progress into the digital age, I think there remains a viable place for both direct mail and direct marketing in Ireland. Direct marketing is changing and allows for greater consumer personalisation and specificity that proves to be quite difficult for other types of marketing. As insights are gained about specific consumer preferences, direct marketing has solidified a powerful and concrete place in the industry.

6. What lessons do you think the industry in Ireland may be able to learn from the US?

The industry in the US is a highly competitive environment driven by restless energy and openness to change. Thus, the US economy is constantly powering ahead motivated by growth in big data, analytics, and technology. Ireland may be able to draw inspiration from the range of possibilities that the growing economy here has opened up. Ireland could seek to capitalise on their positive image and increase research in regard to big data and analytics in the marketing industry.

7. What differences in business operations have you noticed between Ireland and the US?

One thing I’ve noticed that differentiates between American and Irish business operations is the nature of work. In America, there exists a constant fast paced working culture. There is lesser social aspects and it is more individualistic and pace oriented. Often the work, not the people, can tend to come first.

8. How would you describe yourself out of the following three categories; an organiser, a creative or a strategist, and why?

I would definitely categorise myself as a creative. I love design, art, and possess the ability to think outside the box. I’m great at coming up with new ideas and making them come to life in a fun and effective fashion.

9. What appeals to you most about working in business in the future?

What appeals to me most about working in business is the communication aspect. I love working with other people in order to help solve a problem or develop innovative ideas to help improve a business. I find that working in business enables me to combine both my passions for creativity and teamwork

10. How do you think your time at Bill Moss has benefitted your studies and future?

I think working at Bill Moss Partnership has enhanced both my knowledge of marketing and my cultural understanding. It has exposed me to an entirely different country while simultaneously allowing me to pursue my career in marketing. It is entirely unique from both a personal and academic point of view. It has also reinforced for me that a marketing career that integrates aspects of graphic design would be ideal for me.