Zak- Bill Moss Intern

Meet Visiting Business Intern Zak, the Grandson of Bill Moss

Zachary ‘Zak’ Clark from Cleveland, Ohio has been working at Bill Moss for Summer 2019 as one of our two interns from Loyola University Chicago. He also happens to be the grandson of our company founder, Bill Moss. In this Q&A, we get to know more about Zak and his intern experience.

1. What are you studying at Loyola University Chicago?

I am studying business including marketing, finance, and data science.

2. Your grandfather is the namesake of the company, the inimitable Bill Moss, how does that feel?

It’s inspiring. As I grew up, my grandfather was someone that I looked up to, not only as a great person, but also being incredibly successful. Being able to work at a place that has his name on it motivates me to strive to achieve the same level of success he did over his career, all while maintaining high levels of integrity.

3. Growing up in the US, did you ever imagine that one day you would be working inside your grandfather’s company in Dublin, Ireland?

It had always been an aspiration of mine that I would get to take a more hands-on role with the company, but I honestly had never thought that I would end up working here at this stage of my career. Being given this opportunity has given me a greater appreciation for what my grandfather has created and given me a lot to look forward to in my future.

4. What have you learnt from your Grandfather about business?

Over the years he has taught me that communicating with your clients and understanding what they truly want is one of the most important things in business. Providing a top-quality product that in turn makes them money will always be key to running a successful business.

5. What have you been working on during your time at the Bill Moss Partnership?

An ongoing project has been exploring some of the best ways that the company can market itself. Maya, my fellow intern, and I are constantly on the lookout for new leads and new innovative ways to sell the business lists as well as providing insights into the future of direct marketing as it applies to the company. I am hoping that the work we are doing here can make a difference to the company now and in the future.

6. How has the overall experience been working inside the company?

I have gained great insights and experience about the B2B market, and some of the best ways that Bill Moss are able to assist companies with their services.

Working with John Pickering has been wonderful as he has so much experience but is also very receptive to new and alternative ways of doing things.

Before coming here, I was unsure of my abilities and whether I was going to be able to contribute something valuable to the company, but it has been both surprising and encouraging to feel like an active and important member of the team here.

The office environment has been great too, really friendly and welcoming.

7. What is the most rewarding element for you about working at Bill Moss?

The level of acceptance for some of the ideas I have put forward has been fantastic. Everything suggested has been given careful thought and consideration. Some contributions were put into effect immediately. Being able to put effort into a project and then seeing it implemented into the business has been a really satisfying experience.

8. What recommendations would you make to the company and its operations?

I think that if the company were to take steps towards improved digital marketing, on top of the excellent direct marketing campaigns it already does, it would see real improvement in customer acquisition. Doing this, as well as creating an even more refined database using some of the new technologies out there could really push The Bill Moss Partnership in an exciting direction.

9. What observations have you made about Ireland and its business environment?

I’ve been extremely impressed with the business environment in Ireland, especially Dublin. Even for someone coming from a big city like Chicago, the number and size of companies located here is overwhelming. The whole region seems to be booming with some of the biggest names around and it has been fun to be a part of.

10. What do you think are biggest opportunities for direct marketing in Ireland?

I think the new power of direct mail showcases the biggest opportunity. The amount of customisation and its ability to be tied in with many areas of digital marketing really make it a powerful force in any well-rounded campaign.

11. How would you describe yourself out of the following three categories; an organiser, a creative or a strategist, and why?

Out of those three categories I would definitely describe myself as a strategist. I enjoy sitting down with a complex problem and working it all the way through to its conclusion. Most of the things I do, especially in my time here, involve a lot of planning and well thought out decision making.

12. How do you think your time at Bill Moss has benefited your studies and future career aspirations?

My time here has given me an opportunity to gain some great insights about how the database marketing business works in addition to realising a greater cultural and global understanding. I will be able to take many of the things I have learnt and practised during my time at Bill Moss so far and apply them to my studies and career.