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Market Research Ireland – Business Samples

Whether you’re a business conducting your own your market research in Ireland or a market research agency carrying out work on behalf of a client, you’ll want to have confidence that the results reflect the reality of the marketplace. A good source of background statistical information is the Central Statistics Office (CSO) website. But if you need to do primary research, then not only is it essential to ensure you’re asking the right questions but you’ll also need to be asking the right people.

Deciding the questions and how to phrase them is an art in itself. You’ll need to know what information you need, what your answers might look like and whether you want definitive answers (Yes/No), multiple choice responses or individual views based on open questions. You will have to bear in mind how you intend to analyse and present the findings of the research and this often helps define your approach. But once the questionnaire is finalised – how do you go about getting the answers?

Steps to Finding the Answers

Get online

Every Market Research project is different and may require a unique approach to get the answers you need. A great place to do some preliminary research is online by visiting sites such as Euromonitor (and the CSO as mentioned earlier). These sites provide some great top level statistics in areas such as people and society, labour markets and the economy in Ireland. These insights may give you exactly what you need to take your research to the next level.

Focus Groups

Another common approach is to put together focus groups. Market Research using focus groups goes to the heart of the prospective customer’s perception of the area to be assessed – whether that involves investigating new products, proposed advertising or re-branding. In a focus group a small number of people are selected to match specific characteristics and are given the chance to share their opinions with the market research company. A focus group can give some really good insights for a business and can be a worthwhile exercise. We can help identify prospective participants, based on defined criteria and the required profile supplied. The fact that we are independent helps verify your selection of participants both from a profile and trust perspective.

Business Samples

To get a better flavour of the market as a whole it may be necessary to reach out to a wider audience to complete your market research. Ireland is a diverse marketplace and getting the answers you need by looking online and conducting focus groups may not be enough.

Market Research professionals in Ireland, UK and Europe will frequently use business samples to complete their research. Research professionals need to have 100% confidence in the samples they’re using and want up to the minute data which allows them provide top class results for their clients. Taking time to carefully specify the required sample will yield best results and this is where our expertise can help, by helping you to evaluate the options available in terms of sampling and by supplying accurate samples that are up-to-date and meet the profile needed as closely as is possible. We work hard to keep any data supplied as clean as possible and that a reliable sample is selected, ensuring accurate results

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