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Mailing List for Consumers

When it comes to consumer databases, quality is infinitely more important than quantity and this is true for a number of reasons………

First of all, you’re probably working with a reasonable volume of contacts compared to B2B marketing, so the costs involved in poor targeting can be considerable. Secondly with data protection legislation, it’s essential to know that the databases you are working with have been compiled in line with Irish regulations. And most importantly of course, a good quality database will deliver the best possible response rates, through strong profiling and accurate targeting.

With over 35 years of experience Bill-Moss has found that maintaining an accurate, up-to-date mailing list for consumers takes time, robust processes and investment. Keeping the data fresh is a challenge as people in general are a lot more mobile than they were in the past – changing address and switching jobs more frequently than before.

Over the years many marketing professionals have come to us as they feel they have missed out on opportunities with past campaigns, using poor quality lists and inaccurate targeting. Our team expertise, specialist software tools and extensive access to information – not just data – has enabled us to help hundreds if not thousands of managers to target their campaigns more effectively than in the past – delivering better results and improving the Return on Investment.

Get Specific

One area we often discuss with clients is how to go about profiling the database that will work best. Providing detailed information about what you are trying to achieve and the consumer you are trying to target can really help the success of your campaign. This enables the broker to create a really focused and targeted list.

Consider areas such as lifestyle, for example – is your target market interested in sports, eating out, gardening or going to the theatre? The Irish Consumer Marketing Database is an excellent resource and it can target some of these areas based on age, gender, social class and many more criteria.

When considering consumers, you may also want to think about Irish Professionals. Perhaps your target market works in a certain field, like engineering or medicine. This can then be filtered even further based on elements such as gender or geographic region.

Not all Data is Equal

One of the challenges for those targeting consumers is that there are many operators and list suppliers on the marketplace and not all are committed to high quality data management processes. Often clients come to us because they have had a poor experience with out-of-date data. Think of the mailing list like any other tool you would use, you need to work with quality resources to get the best result. It takes industry expertise and experience to keep on top of the vast amounts of data being created today and Bill Moss will help you wade through the noise of databases – to develop a target list of prospects; not just a list of names.

If you’re not sure you’re getting the results you need from your current list broker or your own database – it might be time for a change. At Bill-Moss over 600 records are verified every day from our Consumer Lists and Business Lists so you can have confidence in the accuracy of the details supplied.

Sample Quality

Bill Moss represents every known quality consumer list within Ireland. By cleaning the data regularly, we can provide clients with excellent sample quality. This approach has delivered success for both our clients and our own business – with over 70% of new customers coming from referrals.

Get in Touch

Each of our list consultants has a minimum of 14 years’ experience, so why not contact us now to discuss your requirements? Your call will be dealt with in a professional, timely and helpful manner.

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