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List of Companies in Ireland

Are you trying to get a hold of an accurate and up-to-date list of companies in Ireland? As part of your marketing strategy you might be wondering what’s the best approach in terms of targeting Irish businesses to promote your product or service.

Every day we take calls from clients looking to source a good quality, well-structured business list. Often clients have started the process of developing a list internally and have found that it’s a hugely time-consuming process and they’re delighted to find out how cost-effective it is to work with a list broker instead.

If you’re interested in getting a current list of companies give us a call – that’s probably the quickest route to sourcing the best database, but if you want to read around the topic initially, check out our blog and we’ve outlined some tips below to introduce you to the process….

Where to Start

The definitive list of businesses in Ireland is registered on the Companies Registration Office (CRO) and some of our clients will have referenced this before they come to us, assuming it will provide useful databases from a marketing perspective. However the site is a legal register of businesses and it’s not designed as a tool for marketeers – businesses can’t be profiled in a useful way and payment is required for detailed information. Typically it’s quicker and cheaper to get a marketing database initially and reference this site if historic company information or statutory details such as financial returns are required.

Profile your target market

Obviously to get a more focused list of companies in Ireland you’ll want to specify your target market into certain categories such as professional groups, job roles, industry sectors etc. You’ll find it useful to look through our alphabetised business lists directory to get a better feel of what’s out there. You could also separate your potential business list by geographic location – Irish Counties or Dublin Post Codes.

Once you’ve done your initial research on the business lists and the categories outlined on the Bill Moss site, it’ll be really worth your while contacting us so that we can talk you through the process of refining your target market to make sure your campaign is effective.

There’s plenty of lists out there and the best advice we can give you when buying a business list (or a consumer list for that matter!) is to get it from a reputable list broker. Always check that the data is up to date – good lists are cleaned on a regular basis. At Bill-Moss every record has been personally updated by a member of our in-house team within the last 12 months. We update more than 600 records on a daily basis! Our own list of companies in Ireland has grown to a database of over 120,000. This allows us to really refine the database in line with the profile of businesses you want to target.

If you are looking for a list of companies in Ireland, be sure to Contact a member of our team to get the very best advice from a professional and hugely experienced Irish list broker.