Direct Marketing? Target the Right Business Audience!

Let’s face it, It’s not rocket science to know that by targeting the right audience effectively, you’ll save costs, increase response rates and improve your return-on-investment. Yet so often databases used for direct marketing purposes are incomplete, out-of-date, inaccurate or worse still – poorly targeted.  Media costs money and a small spend up-front to ensure the target database is as good as it can be – will certainly pay off in the long run.

If you’re interested in getting your message to the right business customer, your best bet is to give us a call as soon as possible as we may be able to save you time and money very quickly. In the meantime, here’s a few considerations to help you take the right approach …..

Direct Marketing – An Evolution

Traditional mainstream media such as radio, TV and trade press ads. have generally come down in cost yet they are comparatively expensive when you look at online options. By contrast, when digital advertising options exploded on the scene, they were promoted as being cheaper and more cost-effective than other media however we all know that conversion rates for B2B campaigns generally dis-appointed clients and it was often hard to justify the spend. Obviously all these media opportunities are evolving but one that has remained consistently effective – when done properly – and has changed little in substance – is conventional direct marketing. It has moved on too though and the options in terms of specifying and refining the target database is now a lot more sophisticated than has been the case in the past. Technology has evolved making it possible to nail down your business profiles, to fine-tune the target market and ultimately to reach the person that counts. It all starts with profiling your customer and assisting you with this process is an area where Bill Moss excels.

Know Your Customer

It sounds obvious but in our 35 years of experience we know that a lot of businesses don’t know their commercial or trade customers too well. Getting a better understanding of who your customers are can allow you to better manage your relationship with them. Ask them how they found you and why they chose you.

Then take a sample and work with us to work out the best approach to grow your business – we can supply a relevant database in line with the profile of your existing customers. Typically, we take a sample of your database, help to complete it and then help to grow it with prospects that fall in line with the same type of profile. Many clients are simply unaware of the level of sophistication we can work to and the data resources we have access to – with an Irish business database of over 120,000 businesses and multiple contact types in each e.g. marketing, production, HR etc.

Each business is different to the next and some know more about their customers than others. Of course the more you can refine your own specification and profile your own database, the more targeted our database can be e.g. if you are marketing product or service A, then it makes sense to work with the profile of your customers that already buy A – to secure the best database – remember the Pareto law; that may be just 20% of your customers so use that segment as the basis of your profiling; and not the full 100%.

Data Protection

Often there’s a mis-conception that Data Protection legislation is really only relevant to consumers and while the regulations are more stringent in that context, it’s important to remember that there are restrictions around targeting business customers too. Given that we are in the business of data, Bill Moss operates strictly in accordance with the regulations and our customers can be confident that they will meet the necessary requirements in this context.

Whether you are interested in cleaning up your own mailing list or reaching out to new people, both at home and abroad, we can offer professional advice on how to stay on the right side of the Data Protection Laws

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