Marketing is all about getting the message to an audience.

But Direct Marketing is more about getting it to the right audience.

Why contact 10,000 businesses if you only have 2000 real prospects?

Strange as it seems, we do not want to sell you 10,000 names if you only need 2000.We know that if we give you the best 2000 (or 10,000 or 500)you will come back year after year.

This is why 75% of our turnover comes from existing clients and most of the rest from client referrals.

And that is why we will help you with proper targeting- for free!

After 22 years and over 100,000 list consultations we have a feel for who buys what- and who doesn’t.

And we dot hesitate to not sell names if our experience tells us you are barking up the wrong tree.

We want you to come back and we know you won’t if we let you down. So we do our best to give you advice based on what we believe will work for you.

To help you target properly you can consult with one of our four list specialists with the following experience:

Declan Coogan                  18 years

Johnny Coghlan                20 years

Ger Hatch                           20 years

Bill Moss                             35 years

And we cannot stress this more strongly…their job is to help YOU  ,  not us

If you would like to discuss any aspect of building a prospect database just give us a call or send an email.

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