Not every business has an accurate picture of who their customers are.

Is it important?

Not if you don’t spend any money on Marketing or Sales and just sit back and wait for the till to ring.

But if that isn’t you…then a well researched analysis of your customer base can tell you where your marketing spend should be focused.

Business profiling is not that difficult in Ireland. The basic principle is to match your client file to the best business universe available. Our Irish Business database of 120,000 records qualifies for that.

By matching your clients to our database we can then provide a penetration report which analyses your clients by:

  • Geographic Location
  • Company size (employees)
  • Business Sector

The business sector can be as broad as major sectors, such as Manufacturing, Wholesale, Finance, etc., or as precise as our 1150 individual categories.

The key question we always ask our clients when they enquire about profiling is..

“If we do this for you do you believe it will profit your business?”

If the answer is yes, a client analysis will help your marketing.

Call us and we can tell you how it works and what it will cost.

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