International Lists

Marketing to Ireland from Overseas

Ireland has one of the highest response rates in the world for Direct Marketing. Although small in numbers, Ireland has a well off economy and likes Direct Mail.

To capitalize on that you need an understanding of:

  • Our Post Code System
  • The demographics of our Business to Business Sector.
  • An idea of how your product or service will be perceived by the Irish customer.

We have been providing advice on these topics since 1978 and will be happy to share our experience with you.

Marketing from Ireland

If you are an Irish Business considering using Direct Marketing to export please call us.

Our “Specialist Subject” areas would be

  • The United Kingdom
  • USA
  • Pan European and worldwide major company lists.

You will benefit from the work we have put in identifying the best suppliers of International Lists.

Contact the Bill Moss Partnership for a Count Today

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