Client Data Enhancement

Data Cleansing, Matching and Appending

Want to make sure your data is up-to-date? We cleanse your existing data to clean out deadwood that is wasting your time and money. We update old records with new information like Contact Name, Direct Telephone Number, Email and Website in a consistent format, to allow you to target prospects most effectively.

Hundreds of businesses have told us they are not confident that their prospect lists are up to date, and even if the personal contacts are still working there. And yet by continuing to mail those people, without ever cleansing data of obsolete information and hidden duplicates, they are wasting resources, tarnishing their brand image, and missing the potential that existed if those records were accurate!

And remember that An Post does not return all undelivered items as it has strict rules for doing so, meaning you are left in the dark if your mail was ever received.

There are several things every business owner or marketing professional should know about their own client or prospect database.

The most important are:

  • Is it up to date…and do you know the date of your last contact?
  • Is it in one place or is part with Sales, part with Accounts, etc.?
  • Does it contain the primary fields of Business name, Contact name, telephone, and email address?
  • Are the address fields consistent?

After that it is very productive if you know:

  • What does the business do (Industry Sector)?
  • How big is the business…how many staff do they employ?
  • What is their web address?
  • Can you quickly identify all businesses by specific geographic location?

The simple process, which should be self-financing in terms of current wastage, is:

  • Get your own file in the best possible shape.
  • Clean out the deadwood.
  • Append key information such as employee size and industry sector, to allow you to target  new prospects much more effectively.

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