Time Magazine

– Actives (count on request)
– 12-24 Months (count on request)

– Subscribers to one of the world’s most popular news magazines.
– Time subscribers are well-educated professionals who look to
– Time to keep them informed and up-to-date.
– Readers are affluent and fluent in English.

Reader Profile:
– Median age 45 years
– 74% are Top/Middle Management
– 81% have taken an air trip in the last 12 months
– 66% received an university degree or above

Cost Base Rental Euro 300.00  Per 1,000
Postaim Sort Euro 10.00 Per 1,000
Selection  Euro 15.00  Per 1,000
Data Preparation & Delivery Euro 50.00

Minimum Order:
– 5,000
– E-Mail as any computer compatible file

Goneaways/>Returns Policy:
– None

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