Match your best performing customer types to this database using the geo profiling tool Mosaic Ireland, Experian’s award winning Irish household segmentation product and quickly create a powerful prospect database, the data will provide further reassurance around GDPR compliance given the records are non-personally identifiable and the pool of data allows any brand to test and roll out to considerable volumes with your best performing Direct Mail offers.

Reaching 1.5 million households in Ireland, this data is highly selectable using Experian’s geo profiling product which allows you to target over 40 family profile segments in Ireland.

Here are examples of just some of the segments you may wish to target:

Mosaic Ireland Group A: Established Wealth = 106,000 records

High-income households owning large, expensive homes within reach of city culture


Married living in expensive city fringe properties

Older kids, high utility, telco/broadband users

High Investors, substantial at charity donations


Mosaic Ireland Group B: Suburban Success = 124,000 records

Prospering families and couples who commute from suburban homes to good career jobs


Prospering families and couples who commute from suburban homes

High achievers in their careers

Mortgaged, heavy utility, telco, broadband users

High spending on household, parenting, education, holidays, cars

Technology savvy, good with charities


Mosaic Ireland Group M: Country Choice = 50,000 records

Mature families enjoying large, detached homes in undisturbed green and pleasant locations


Prospering families and couples who commute from suburban homes

Large mature families

Rural living and lifestyle choice

Bungalows and detached houses


Mosaic Ireland Group C: City Achievers = 102,000 records

Highly educated urbanites developing their careers from convenient city locations


High achievers in their career

High Internet usage and technology savvy

High spend in leisure activities, Holiday makers

High proportion of switchers for utility, telco, TV, broadband


Mosaic Ireland Group F: Family Focus = 174,000 records

Parents on good incomes who own mid-range homes on streets popular with families


Young families in provincial towns

Cars are important

Semidetached homes

Busy family life and are value driven



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