National Geographic Society Members

– Active Males (count on request)
– Active Females (count on request)
– 0 – 12 Lapsed (count on request)

These members of the National Geographic Society receive the English language Edition of National Geographic Magazine as a benefit of membership.
Founded in 1888 as a non-profit organization, The Society has earned a worldwide reputation as the leading source of accurate, often definitive, information about the world.

This is a highly educated and affluent audience. Readers are loyal, with an average subscription length of fifteen years and renewal rates averaging 80%.  Society Members and magazine recipients pay an average of US$ 40.00 per year for membership with the majority of Members paying by credit card.

With an average age of 44, Members have above average household income and a high percentage hold senior professional and managerial positions. This is an unrivalled opportunity to reach elite consumers who are responsive to a wide range of international offers including travel, finance, publishing, charity, scientific information, health and fitness, outdoor pursuits and much more.

Cost Base Rental Euro 300.00  Per 1,000
Selection  Euro 10.00  Per 1,000
Data Preparation & Delivery Euro 50.00

Minimum Order:
– 5,000 names.

– E-Mail as any computer compatible file

Goneaways/Return Policy:
– Refund in excess of 5%

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