Irish Professionals at Business Address

While strictly speaking a business list, this professionals list is used regularly for fundraising, travel/leisure, consumer goods and financial services.

– Geographic
– Gender
– Speciality
– Telephone/Fax
– One per practice

Cost Base Rental Euro 300.00  Per 1,000
Base Rental Euro 295.00  Per 1,000
Postaim Sort Euro 10.00  Per 1,000
Data Preparation & Delivery Euro 30.00

Minimum Order:
– 1,000

– E-Mail as any computer compatible file

Goneaways/Return Policy:
– Refund of 1.5 by the price of each name returned.

Accountants4,217One per 2459
Alternative Medicine 2,522One per 1,866
Architects 1,569One per 792
Auctioneers 4,025One per 1,868
Barristers 2,082One per 2,082
Dentists 2,580One per 1,168
Doctors 3,155One per 1,501
Engineers 2,714One per 1,028
Medical Consultants 4,897One per 2,440
Pharmacists 3,145One per 1,906
Quantity Surveyors 837One per 426
Solicitors 9,061One per 3,101
Vets1,926One per 1,012

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