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Buying and Managing Business Lists in Ireland

Business Lists Ireland

If you buy or manage Business Lists in Ireland for your company or organisation, you’re probably well aware that keeping them up-to-date can be a challenge and it takes time and resource to do it properly. If you find yourself lost in terms of the best way forward and you’re putting this work on the long-finger, then why not contact us to talk it through? We’ve been in the business for over 35 years so we’re familiar with all the issues you have to deal with – and we have the solutions.

In the meantime, here’s some tips to help get you sorted…

Getting Started

Some business lists are light on information while others have so many fields of data they can be daunting to work with – multiple addresses, contacts, phone numbers, fax, emails, social media accounts…… the data can seem almost endless! And sometimes too much data means too little really useful information. Make sure any list you buy or manage has the key data that you need – if you want to target Facilities Managers then you need to be sure the list identifies that specific job function. We can advise you on the most appropriate list given your target market.

Spring Clean!

Generally speaking customer and prospect databases should be updated at an absolute minimum of once per year but obviously this depends on the business you are in. Technology has come a long way but unfortunately it hasn’t reached the stage where it can automatically tell if people have moved office address or no longer work for a company. If you want to keep that list up to date, give it a good spring clean from time to time and make sure all the data is verified, remembering to fill in any gaps along the way. This is an area we can really help you with – our database services are second-to-none in the Irish marketplace and we can enhance and update your data effectively and probably in a much more cost-effective way than you could possibly do it yourself in-house, as we have access to both the software and data that facilitates this process in a highly efficient way.

Once you’ve done an initial clean-up, remember gathering information and updating databases should be integrated into your standard business practices; this will make for a much more useful set of data and it’s a lot easier to do updates as-you-go than to work through these in one go at the end of a month or year.  In particular, remember to remove contacts that are no longer valid – this is especially true if you use postal services as these can be costly and it simply makes sense to minimise the waste.

Data Protection

Here’s the definitive site with detailed information on Irish Data Protection Laws. This can be a little scary at first but it is worth getting a grasp of the main concepts to ensure you stay compliant with any legislation. If you work with The Bill Moss Partnership, you can have confidence that all our lists comply with the requirements and we work hard to ensure that this is the case.

Contact us

Maybe now is a good time to sit down and sort out your databases for once and for all. We don’t just supply consumer lists and business lists Ireland (though those too obviously!) – we offer database consultancy services that can add real value to your business – please contact us today.