NACE Codes

01Crop & Animal Production1387
02Forrestry & Logging55
03Fishing & Aquaculture20
07Mining of Metal Ore4
08Other Mining95
09Mining Support Services11
10Food Mfg972
11Beverage Mfg80
12Tobacco Mfg2
13Textile Mfg151
14Wearing Apparell Mfg101
15Leather & Footwear Mfg43
16Wood Products Mfg244
17Paper Mfg127
19Coke & Petroleum Products Mfg1
20Chemicals Mfg182
21Pharmaceuticals Mfg154
22Rubber & Plastic Products Mfg120
23Non-Metallic Products Mfg785
24Basic Metal Mfg35
25Fabricated Metal Products Mfg, except Machinery701
26Computer, Electronic and Optical Products Mfg216
27Electrical Equipment Mfg309
28Other Machinery N.E.C. Mfg307
29Vehicle & Trailer Mfg76
30Other Transport Equipment Mfg65
31Furniture Mfg747
32Other Mfg487
33Repair and installation of machinery and equipment17
35Electricity, Gas & Steam Supply159
38Waste Collection & Treatment550
39Remediation activities and other waste management services69
41Construction of Buildings1337
42Civil Engineering194
43Specialist Building Trades5581
45Wholesale, Retail & Repair of Motor Vehicles3196
46Wholesale except Motor Vehicles7130
47Retail except Motor Vehicles14897
49Land Transport1492
50Water Transport15
51Air Transport46
53Postal & Courier Services1174
56Restaurants & Pubs8357
58Publishing of Books & Magazines555
59Motion Picture, Video & TV Production308
60Radio & TV Broadcasting82
62Computer Programming & Consultancy1293
63Data Processing11
64Financial Services except Insurance1830
66Auxiliary Financial Servicers & Fund Management787
68Real Estate2068
69Legal & Accounting Services7494
70Management Consultants786
71Architectural and engineering activities2268
72Architectural & Engineering Services & Technical Testing180
73Advertising & Market Research315
74Other Professional Services including Photography & Translation1094
75Vetinary Services1251
77Renting & Leasing of Motor Vehicles, Equipment & Garments663
78Employment Agencies456
79Travel Agencies & Tour Operators316
80Security & Investigation Services2
81Services to Buildings including Landscaping865
82Office administrative and support activities1880
84Public Administration1677
87Residential Care Facilities416
88Social Work Activities4630
90Arts & Entertainment280
91Libraries & Museums581
92Gambling and betting activities268
93Sports & Amusement Activities4920
94Membership Organisations1192
95Repairs except Auto439
96Other Personal Services4840
99Embassies & Extraterratorial101

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