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Business Directory – Contacts Made Easy

Updating contact details to build up your internal business directory can be a difficult and a resource heavy job but if you’re interested in reaching new customers – having access to a good business list is vital. It wasn’t all that long ago that the yellow pages and phone book were the first directory you’d look at for company details but things have changed rapidly.

What you need is confidence that you’re going to reach the right people and maximise the impact of your campaign.

A Changing Landscape

With things changing so rapidly, it can be hard to know where to look when you’re trying to make contact with businesses. People live in the cloud and are more likely to be on the move than in previous times. Technological advancements, from social media to fintech and even smart controlled devices in the home, have made companies and people difficult to get in touch with – ironically given all the talk about connectivity!

Job roles are another challenge – we often here from our clients is that they find it difficult to keep on top of ever evolving job titles and what they mean. Advancements in digital technologies have created a host of new roles and it’s tricky to keep on top of the data. Digital Marketing Manager is just one of the more straightforward titles to emerge in recent times!

Without access to a good up to date directory it can be hard to get a good response rate and your return on investment will be low.

Where to Look

Working with a reputable list broker produces the best lists that will save you money and a lot of time. You can of course try going online and looking through Google but as we said this can be extremely draining on resources and you’ve no guarantee of any success. In a recent blog post we discussed some things to look out for when picking your mailing list such as identifying your target market and making sure the details are up to date.

The Definitive Business Directory

Here at The Bill Moss Partnership we update and clean our business directory on a regular basis. We upload new versions in an alphabetical order making it easy for our clients to browse.

Our extensive expertise means we can correctly classify these businesses and we know where to find people. When working with us you can sit back and relax, you won’t need to worry about knowing the NACE or SIC codes, we’ll do all the hard work. All you need to know is your target market and we can take it from there – formulate an accurate list of potential contacts that match your business development requirements.

Marketing managers love working with us because they get that level of confidence and accuracy that they need. No matter what the industry; agricultural, food, engineering or many more we have a comprehensive list of companies for you to contact.

Contact Us

Whether looking for a consumer directory or a business directory our team will be able to work closely with you to provide the most effective contact list possible. We have been working with companies since 1978 and all of our staff members are well qualified to help you reach your targets.

Contact a member of our team today for more information on any our services.