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Be on Point – 3 Tips to Effective Direct Marketing While Working from Home

In these uncertain times with many businesses being forced to work from home, there is an urgent need to get their message out. Advertising is not a cost-effective option for many businesses. A more cost-effective option like email marketing or direct mail needs to be looked at to reach potential customers or clients, perhaps for the first time. Direct marketing is our business for 30 years, so if you are thinking about email marketing or direct mail, we have a few more best practice tips to consider to help you cut through the clutter.

Be on Target – Know your Audience

You don’t want your message landing on deaf ears. Otherwise you’re wasting your money on what is seen as junk mail. For your marketing to be effective and efficient, it’s important you’re targeting the right people with the right message.

Use existing data and intelligence about who your customers and potential customers are. Be as specific as possible. Accurate targeting will give a more efficient outcome.

Be Personal – Personalise your Outreach

People are 7-10 times more likely to respond to personalised direct mail. More than simply using their name, with the right data, you can personalise communication based on their demographic details and interests.

Be Direct – Call to Action

Calls to action such as ‘Order Now’ or ‘Call Today’ are proven to increase response rate. Position them to be eye-catching and leave plenty of space around them. If possible, offer an incentive for taking quick action.

As Ireland’s largest and longest established database list broker, we are still open for business! The team at The Bill Moss Partnership can help ensure your direct marketing is personal and on target to ensure stand out. We hold the largest selection of both Business and Consumer data files which will enable you to market effectively through this unforeseen and difficult period.

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