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We pride ourselves on providing world class data services and analytics with the most comprehensive coverage on the Irish market. Discover what makes our business database stand out from the competition.

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Our Fully Verified Business Database

At Bill Moss Data, we ensure that our business database is verified in a variety of methods for utmost accuracy and completeness. Before any information gets added to our database, we send collected business data through a variety of filters and checkpoints. Each aspect of every record undergoes multiple verified source checks such as: 

  • Primary Research
  • Tele-Verification
  • Web Source Authentication
  • Aggregated Third Party Data

The combination of these methods provides a wholistic and comprehensive set of reliable data points that we store in our database for our clients and partners to use. 


Our Database Records By Category

 Bill Moss Data is committed to providing the most comprehensive business data on the Irish market. From A to Z, we offer extensive business data on all industries and company types. Our full service database and list building platform allows for clients to build their own list of B2B contacts or consult with an expert for a custom tailored list. We’re proud to provide our partners with the following data categories available for list building: 


  • Alphabetical
  • SIC Code
  • NACE Code
  • Job Title/Function
  • Number of Employees
  • Professional Type

Lists of Professionals

Our lists of professional service providers is extensive, and contains information on solicitors, health professionals, and engineering contractors all around Ireland.

Lists of Religious Insitutions

Our lists of religious institutions are expansive and contain information on each insitution as well as religious leaders within them.

Need Consumer Data?

Collected exclusively on a network of web sites in Ireland, we offer over 200,000 consumer data records between 0-12 months that are highly selectable and link a postal record with an email address and telephone number. The data is fully compliant with GDPR and consistently performs well due to a regulated data usage policy.

Data can be targeted using a wide range of selections, such as the ones displayed, as well as selectable by Experian’s Mosaic Groups. Other selections available are Charity Donors, Mail order Buyers, Telecom’s switchers, Utilities by provider and usage, Broadband and Insurance Renewal months.

Over 200,000 validated postal addresses and approximately 4000 records added every month.

Consumer Data Categories for Marketing Campaigns

Need Some Help Using Our Online Database?

When it comes to today’s business landscape, gathering and analysing data is a must. However, it’s not enough to just have data—it must also be the “right” kind of data.

That’s why, for businesses, obtaining the right kind of data is an important step in making connections and discovering new opportunities for growth.

Talk to one of our data experts today and find out how you can make the most of our online business database. We’ll work one on one to help you find the best data types and lists that fit your campaign and budget.

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