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Market Research

If you are a market research company or professional you can have 100% confidence in the business samples we build.

For over 20 years the leading market researchers in Ireland , and many in the UK and Continental Europe, have used our up-to-the-minute data to  provide quality results for their clients.

Bill Moss still provides most of the “coal face” work to provide these samples personally as we know it is not as simple as selecting every nth record.

Each project must be assessed individually and a decision made as to pure random sample or selecting and weighting the sample. This is usually determined by a careful look at the client’s product or service.

The database of nearly 120,000 unique businesses or organisations is then profiled, usually by a combination of :

  •  US SIC or NACE  Codes
  • Employee size or range
  • Geographic  location  ( County, Town, or Post Code)

The sample is produced from the largest live database for Ireland (all records have been telephone verified by our own in-house  staff within the past 12 months, resulting in  98%+ of the records being available). The savings to you on wasted time by your interviewers is an important reason why our market research clients use us exclusively.

Also of primary importance is the ability to include or exclude branches or multiples. If you want only HQ locations just request it. And each of our records has the MD or Owner , and in larger organisations the Heads of Functions , such as Finance , IT , HR , etc.

For a discussion on your own needs just telephone and we know you will instantly appreciate the value of our experience.