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Lifestyles Ireland

Ireland’s only current Lifestyle Database with over 80K Postal & E-mail Records


Total      100,000
Males     21,700
Females   78,300


All records are 0-6 months and growing on average of 6K per month


Lifestyles Ireland offers marketing teams one of the richest sources of postal and email data in Ireland. This database is unique to the Irish market as each record has both an email and postal address, which are linked so this database can provide two key benefits over any other data set in Ireland.

You can communicate with new prospects on a multi channel approach e.g.: Both Email and Direct mail channels.

You can also use the email address to quickly and accurately dedupe against any existing or in-house customer data with an email address.

The data is collected from Lifestyles Online Ireland’s proprietary network of web sites which present consumers with data collection surveys at their various touch points with the internet.

The data is address validated, MPS cleaned and DP Compliant.


Gender, Age, Income, Recency, Number of Children in Household
Residential Status, Car Insurance Renewal Dates,
Telco provider and spend, Online and Home shopping preferences
Broadband provider and spend, Interest in supporting charities.


Set Up Euro 190.00
Base Rental Postal Only Euro 200.00 Per 1,000
Base Rental E-mail Only Euro 90.00 Per 1,000
Both Postal & E-mail Euro 250.00 Per 1,000
Selections Euro 10.00 Per 1,000
Postaim Sort Euro 10.00 Per 1,000
Data Preparation & Delivery Euro 30.00


€650 + VAT


Refunds in excess of 5%