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Count current as of May, 2017

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Abatoirs - Equipment7
Abrasive Materials - Wholesale8
Abrasive Products Manufacturing6
Accommodation Reservation Services39
Accounting & Bookkeeping Service252
Adhesive & Sealant Manufacturing20
Adhesive Tapes11
Administration of Economic Programs32
Administration of Educational Programmes83
Adventure Sports & Centres163
Advertising - Online69
Advertising - Outdoor38
Advertising - Promotional Products158
Advertising Agencies133
Agricultural Chemicals25
Agricultural Consultants150
Agricultural Contractors184
Agricultural Equipment & Machinery296
Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers25
Agricultural Merchants & Supplies308
Air & Gas Compressor Manufacturers7
Air Conditioning Contractor176
Air Conditioning/Heating Equipment Wholesalers25
Aircraft & Parts Manufacturers13
Aircraft Charter & Hire33
Aircraft Engine Manufacturers & Service13
Airport Terminal Services22
Airports & Air Fields19
Alterations - Dressmakers102
Aluminium Casting Manufacturers2
Aluminium Extruded Product Manufacturers6
Aluminium Fabricators14
Aluminium Sheet & Foil Manufacturers2
Ambulance Services - Private7
Amusement Caterers19
Amusement Centres81
Amusement Services - Miscellaneous4
Angel and Holistic Shops3
Animal & Marine Fat & Oil Manufacturers4
Animal Feed Manufacturing51
Animal Speciality Services259
Antiques & Curios133
Aquariums and Acquatic Supplies10
Architectural Models9
Architectural Salvage8
Architectural Technologists249
Art Galleries173
Art Schools28
Artists Supplies98
Arts Centres42
Asbestos - Surveying and Removal12
Asbestos Product Manufacturers1
Asphalt Felt & Coating Manufacturers5
Assessors & Adjusters122
Attic Conversions66
Au Pair Agencies7
Audio Visual Equipment111
Audio Visual Production32
Auto & Apparel Trimming Manufacturers2
Automation Systems43
Automotive Stampings3
Aviation Services25
Baby & Childrens Wear205
Baby and Childrens Wear Wholesale4
Baby Food Manufacturers5
Baby Shops & Supplies40
Bacon & Pork Processing10
Badge & Emblem Makers24
Bag Manufacturer Ex Textile Bags11
Bags and Sacks Wholesale25
Bakers & Confectioners427
Bakers & Confectioners - Wholesale53
Bakery Equipment20
Ball & Roller Bearing Manufacturers2
Bands & Cabaret Artists20
Banks - Headquarters33
Banks & Building Societies-Southern Ireland687
Bar Coding Systems37
Bar Fixtures & Fittings84
Bathroom Suites & Fittings180
Battery-Charging Equipment6
Bearings & Bushes10
Beauty Salon Equipment & Supplies78
Beauty Salons1154
Beauty Schools34
Bed & Breakfasts1696
Beds - Manufacturing11
Beds Retail17
Beef Processing15
Beer - Ale - Stout - Wholesale42
Bicycles - Wholesale17
Biscuit & Cracker Manufacturers4
Blacksmiths & Forge Masters21
Blast Furnaces & Steel Works6
Bldg Paper & Bldg Board Mills2
Blended & Prepared Flour Manufacturers5
Boarding Kennels & Catteries164
Boat Builders & Repairs37
Boat Hire18
Boat Transport11
Boilers Maintenance199
Bolt Screw Rivet Manufacturers3
Book Printers11
Book Publishers And Printers23
Booksellers Wholesale5
Bottling Machinery & Equipment2
Bouncy Castles50
Bowling Alleys27
Boxes-Cardboard & Corrugated13
Brass Bronze & Copper Casting Manufacturers3
Breastfeeding Consultancy22
Brick Laying Contractors19
Bricks Manufacturing5
Bridal Shops121
Broad Woven Cotton Fabric Mills5
Broad Woven Manmade Fabric Mills1
Broad Woven Wool Mills2
Brush & Broom Manufacturers1
Builders - General Contractors1214
Builders - Maintenance & Repairs125
Builders Providers409
Building Consultants69
Building Energy Rating80
Building Prefab64
Building Surveyors108
Bulk Petroleum Wholesalers11
Bureau de Change9
Burglar Alarms & Security Services528
Business Consultants115
Business Services - Miscellaneous290
Butchers Machinery & Equipment20
Butchers Wholesale14
Cabinet Makers9
Cables - All Types55
Calendars & Diaries20
Call Centres93
Cameras & Telescopes54
Camping Equipment & Supplies14
Camping, Caravan & Mobile Home Sites128
Can Manufacturers3
Canned Fruit, Vegetable & Jam Manufacturers3
Canned Speciality Manufacturers3
Canvas & Related Products Manufacturers3
Car & Commercial Electrical Services87
Car Alarms & Security Devices50
Car and Passenger Ferry Operators19
Car Dealers - New & Used928
Car Dismantlers69
Car Engine Tuning37
Car Hire129
Car Leasing48
Car Park & Highway Marking6
Car Parking & Garaging57
Car Parking Equipment4
Car Stereos Sales Service & Installation51
Car Valeting Service137
Caravan & Recreational Vehicle Dealers57
Caravans Mobile Homes Transport7
Cardboard & Cardboard Products30
Career Guidance9
Carpenters & Joiners519
Carpets - Cleaning144
Carpets - Manufacturing5
Carpets - Wholesale15
Cash Register Dealers72
Caterers Equipment172
Caterers Supplies169
Catering Equipment - Hire30
Ceiling Contractors70
Cereal Breakfast Food Manufacturers5
Chain Saws52
Chambers of Commerce54
Charity Shops172
Cheese Manufacturers47
Chemical & Fertiliser Manufacturing - Miscellaneous1
Chemicals & Allied Prod Wholesalers60
Chemicals Manufacturing58
Chewing Gum Manufacturers2
Childrens Blouse & Dress Manufacturers7
Childrens Coat & Suit Manufacturers1
Childrens Outerwear Miscellaneous Manufacturers3
Chimney Cleaning35
Chiropody Supplies3
Chocolate & Cocoa Product Manufacturers15
Cigarette Manufacturers3
Citizen Advice Centres95
Cleaning & Maintenance Service335
Cleaning & Polishing Product Manufacturers11
Cleaning Cloths & Rags14
Cleaning Equipment & Supplies151
Coaches - Charter Services452
Coal Merchants119
Coated Fabric Manufacturers Ex Rubber4
Coated Glazed & Varnished Paper Manufacturers15
Coffee and Cafe Shops10
Coffee Importers44
Coffee Manufacturers16
Coffin & Casket Makers9
Cold Storage34
Combustion Engine Electrical Equipment Manufacturers2
Comm Laundry Machinery Manufacturers1
Commercial Machinery Wholesalers96
Commercial Vehicles178
Commercial Vehicles - Accessories & Parts52
Commercial Vehicles - Body Building46
Commercial Vehicles - Hire76
Commercial Vehicles - Repairs78
Communications Equipment19
Communications Training33
Community Centres282
Company Formation56
Complementary & Alternative Medicine1734
Computer Based Training50
Computer Cleaning Maintenance Security & Repairs301
Computer Consultancy232
Computer Games20
Computer Manufacturers22
Computer Networks27
Computer Printers86
Computer Services Miscellaneous150
Computer Software865
Computer Stores4
Computer Supplies & Accessories254
Computer Training197
Computing & Bureau Services27
Concrete Blocks63
Concrete Contractors25
Concrete Cutting Demolition & Crushing18
Concrete Products181
Concrete Ready-Mixed100
Condensed & Evaporated Milk Manufacturers6
Confectionery Products Manufacturing15
Conference & Function Organisers80
Conference Centres41
Construction & Mining Equipment Wholesalers22
Construction Machinery Manufacturers7
Contract Tool & Die Manufacturers7
Control Systems - Electrical35
Converted Paper Product Manufacturers4
Conveyor Systems30
Cookery Schools44
Copper Rolling & Extruding3
Cordage & Twine Manufacturers1
Corrugated & Solid Fibre Box Manufacturers5
Cosmetic Surgery58
Costume Jewellery Manufacturers4
Cotton Dealers3
Cotton Woven Fabric Finishers3
Country Houses88
County Councils & Local Authorities80
Courts Circuit & District122
Craft Centres144
Craft Supplies19
Cranes-Repairing & Servicing6
Crash Repairs432
Creamery Butter Manufacturers5
Creche - Montessori & Nursery3042
Credit Reporting Agencies & Collections34
Credit Unions449
Curtain & Drapery Manufacturers7
Cutlery Manufacturers5
Dail Eireann (Irish Government)157
Dairy Equipment & Supplies31
Dairy Products203
Damp Proofing11
Dancing Schools88
Data Cleansing2
Data Communications93
Dating Agencies4
Day Care Centres57
Debt Recovery32
Demolition Contractors30
Dental Equipment & Supplies Manufacturers6
Dental Laboratories71
Dental Repairs36
Department Stores305
Design & Development Engineers17
Design & Image Consultants & Graphic Designers469
Detective Agencies & Protective Services6
Development Organisations122
Die-Cut Paper & Cardboard Manufacturers4
Diesel Fuel Petroleum Products5
Dieticians & Nutritionists26
Digital Marketing120
Disabled Persons Products & Services143
Disc Jockeys - DJs43
Dishwashing Machines5
Display Equipment & Fixtures42
Diving Equipment & Instruction13
Doctors - GPs1524
Document Disposal Services16
Document Imaging & Scanning15
Dog Cat & Other Pet Food Manufacturers15
Domestic Appliances22
Doors & Door Gear242
Double Glazing32
Drain & Sewer Cleaning Equipment & Supplies59
Drain/Sewer Cleaning82
Drama Schools59
Drapery Hardware Blinds & Shades Manufacturers13
Draughting Services20
Dried Fruit,Vegetable & Soup Mix Manufacturers1
Drilling Contractors & Testers34
Drilling Equipment5
Drive Shafts3
Driving Schools913
Dry Cleaners263
Dry Cleaners & Launderers Equipment & Supplies17
Dumpers Contractors Equipment22
Dust Collecting & Extracting Systems18
Dyeing & Finishing Textiles1
Earth Moving Contractors35
Ecclesiastical Supplies19
E-Commerce Consultancy20
Editing Services43
Educational Agencies151
Eggs - Wholesale31
Electric Generators26
Electric Houseware & Fan Manufacturers2
Electric Lamp Manufacturers1
Electric Meter Manufacturers5
Electric Services17
Electric Welding Apparatus Manufacturers1
Electrical Appliances259
Electrical Appliances - Repairing80
Electrical Appliances - Wholesale48
Electrical Contractors - General1492
Electrical Equipment & Supplies - Wholesale197
Electricity Supply Companies26
Electronic Capacitor Manufacturers4
Electronic Coil & Transformer Manufacturers7
Electronic Components & Accessories121
Electronic Equipment - Repairing8
Electronic Parts & Equipment - Wholesale67
Electroplaters Polishers 2
Energy Management and Conservation361
Engineering & Scientific Equipment Manufacturers27
Engineers - Acoustic25
Engineers - Civil Consultants117
Engineers - Civil Contracting152
Engineers - Constructional45
Engineers - Consulting525
Engineers - Electrical54
Engineers - Fire Protection60
Engineers - Industrial41
Engineers - Mechanical176
Engineers - Precision208
Engineers Supplies128
Engines - Car & Commercial Vehicles25
Engines - Plant & Industrial10
Enterprise Centres30
Entertainment Agencies64
Envelope Manufacturers5
Environmental & Ecological Organisations41
Environmental & Pollution Control Services172
Environmental Control Device Manufacturing9
European Parliament - Irish5
Event Management218
Exhausts - Manufacturing & Repairs79
Explosives Manufacturers2
Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturers33
Fabricated Pipe & Pipe Fitting Manufacturers1
Fabricated Plate Work Manufacturers8
Fabricated Structural Metal Manufacturers44
Fabricated Wire Product Manufacturers14
Fabrics - Wholesale9
Facility Management53
Factoring & Invoicing Discounting5
Family Planning55
Fan & Blower Manufacturers6
Fans & Blowers17
Farm Buildings7
Farmers Markets131
Farmhouse Accommodation223
Farriers & Farriers Supplies108
Fascia & Soffit Supplies22
Fashion Accessories174
Fashion Agents & Distributors13
Fashion Designers33
Fastenings Fixings Nuts & Bolts53
Feather & Artificial Tree & Flower Manufacturing1
Felt Goods3
Fertiliser Manufacturers - Nitrogenous8
Fertiliser Manufacturers - Phosphatic3
Fibre Can Tube & Drum Manufacturers2
Film & Video Production & Agents226
Film Distributors8
Film Production - Equipment & Supplies20
Financial Brokers & Consultants387
Financial Institutions General208
Fire Brigade Stations147
Fire Escape/Protection114
Fire Extinguishers43
Fireplaces - Equipment & Accessories154
First Aid Supplies & Services513
Fish Hatcheries & Preserves20
Fish Processing Equipment7
Fish Processors8
Fish Retailers100
Fish Smokers Curers & Packers52
Fishing Gear - Wholesale1
Fishing Gear & Tackle Shops46
Flags & Banners11
Flat Apartment & House Letting172
Flat Glass Manufacturers7
Flavouring Manufacturing13
Floor Covering Retailers56
Floor Coverings - Wholesale28
Floor Manufacturing83
Flooring Contractors309
Florists - Wholesale28
Flour & Grain Mill Product Manufacturers9
Flow Metering Equipment5
Fluid Meter & Counting Device Manufacturers12
Flying Schools3
Folding Paperboard Box Manufacturers5
Food Hygiene & Safety Consultants151
Food Preparation Manufacturers - Miscellaneous122
Food Processing Equipment15
Food Products Machinery Manufacturers10
Football Clubs568
Forestry Services56
Fork Lift Trucks84
Fork Lift Trucks - Hire40
Freight Forwarding & Warehousing255
Frozen Food Wholesalers38
Frozen Foods Manufacturing Importers & Distributors67
Frozen Speciality Manufacturers13
Fruit & Vegetables - Wholesale139
Fruit Growers22
Fulfilment Houses35
Function Rooms225
Funeral Directors504
Funeral Directors - Equipment & Supplies12
Fur Goods Manufacturers2
Furnace Manufacturers2
Furniture - Accessories39
Furniture - Built-In & Fitted282
Furniture - General577
Furniture - Manufacturing186
Furniture - Used15
Furniture - Wholesale14
Furniture Repairing26
GAA Clubs (Gaelic Athletic Associations)1224
Garage Doors47
Garda Siochana (Irish Police)565
Garden Centres289
Garden Equipment - Hire16
Garden Equipment - Manufacturing7
Garden Equipment & Supplies168
Garden Furniture135
Garden Sheds84
Gas - Domestic54
Gas - Industrial19
Gas Appliances24
Gas Detectors22
Gas Supply Companies11
Gas Transmission and Distribution1
Gasket & Packing Device Manufacturers6
Gaskets - Wholesale8
Genealogical Research74
General Government (Not Elsewhere Classified)349
Geothermal Heat Pumps26
Gift Shops431
Giftware Wholesale46
Glass Container Manufacturers1
Glass Product Manufacturing95
Global Positioning Systems7
Glove Manufacturers1
Golf Clubs & Courses327
Golf Course Designers17
Golf Driving Ranges17
Golf Equipment & Supplies99
Golf Societies275
Golf Tours & Promotions4
Government Ministers16
Graffiti Cleaning4
Greeting Cards83
Grocers Wholesale175
Guest Houses366
Guided Walking Tours3
Guns & Ammunition26
Gymnasium Equipment7
Hair Removing13
Hair Transplants8
Hairdressers - Men457
Hairdressing Equipment & Supplies59
Hand Dryers5
Hand Tool Manufacturers15
Harbour Authorities19
Hat & Cap Manufacturers24
Hats Sales & Hire26
Haulage Contractors494
Health & Exercise Equipment6
Health Board Services109
Health Clubs422
Health Farms & Hydros42
Health Foods & Products375
Health Screening19
Hearing Aids80
Heat Exchangers5
Heating & Plumbing Contractors996
Heating Contractors - Industrial68
Heating Equipment - Manufacturing9
Heating Equipment & Supplies214
Hire Tools & Power Tools Equipment236
Hobby Supply Shops17
Hoists & Lifting Equipment22
Holding Company69
Holiday Homes & Self Catering Accommodation638
Home Furnishing Wholesalers37
Home Help Services51
Horse Training & Equipment59
Hoses & Hose Accessories19
Hosiery Manufacturers - Except Womens3
Hosiery Manufacturing - Women's5
Hospital Equipment & Supplies97
Hot Tubs2
House Alterations79
Household Cooking Equipment Manufacturers1
Household Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturers1
Houses Castles & Gardens of Ireland81
Hydraulic Fittings15
Ice Cream & Frozen Dessert Manufacturers38
Industrial Control Manufacturers22
Industrial Instrument Manufacturing25
Industrial Machinery & Equipment Wholesalers160
Industrial Supplies - Wholesale85
Industrial Truck Tractor Manufacturers6
Industrial Valve & Pipefitting Manufacturers11
Insulation Materials - Manufacturing15
Insulation Service374
Insurance - Accident & Health15
Insurance Agents Brokers & Consultants619
Insurance Carriers Miscellaneous21
Insurance Companies226
Interior Decorators84
Interior Designers291
Internet Cafes17
Internet Marketing Companies200
Internet Services & Web Design546
Investment & Fund Management141
Investment Trusts12
Iron Foundries1
Ironing Services6
Jeans Wear48
Jewellers - Manufacturing146
Jewellers - Repairing62
Jewellers - Wholesale35
Karaoke Sales & Hire2
Kitchen Cabinets & Units546
Kitchen Equipment & Utensils70
Knit Outerwear Mills6
Laboratory Equipment & Supplies51
Lace Goods Manufacturers3
Ladies Fashions1094
Ladies Fashions Wholesale9
Land Surveyors40
Landscape Architects177
Landscape Gardeners473
Language Schools & Courses139
Laser Eye Surgery12
Lawn Turf Supplies9
Lawnmower Sharpening & Repairing31
Leather Goods31
Leather Goods - Wholesale3
Leather Tanners & Finishers7
Lifeboat Stations33
Lift & Escalator Manufacturers6
Lighting Equipment - Manufacturing29
Lighting Fixtures & Supplies104
Limestone Mining2
Limousine Hire - Chauffeur Services130
Linen Supply17
Lingerie Manufacturers1
Linoleum Manufacturing1
Liquid Waste Disposal8
Lithographic Platemakers & Related Services1
Lithographic Printers6
Livestock - Transport33
Livestock Dealers110
Local Development Agencies69
Log Cabins13
Logging Camps & Contractors4
Luggage Manufacturers5
Lumber and Wood Products4
Macaroni Spaghetti & Noodle Manufacturers2
Machine Tool Accessory Manufacturing26
Machinery Installations & Removals14
Mail Order - Home Shopping33
Mailing Lists2
Make-up Artists126
Malt Beverage Manufacturers4
Management Consultants465
Management Training189
Manufacturers Agents & Distributors31
Maps & Cartographers27
Marine Cargo Handling22
Marine Equipment & Supplies25
Marine Surveyors16
Market Gardeners14
Market Research & Analysis75
Marketing Consultants422
Marketing Consultants - Branding40
Marquee Hire52
Martial Arts19
Massage Therapists82
Maternity Wear5
Meat - Wholesale151
Meat & Fish Retailers4
Mechanical Handling Equipment6
Media Buying Agencies20
Media Monitoring Service8
Mediation and Arbitration Services31
Medical Centres Private97
Medical Consultants2460
Medical Goods126
Medical Health Centres535
Medical Instrument Manufacturing76
Members of the Senate48
Mens & Boys Clothing Wholesalers38
Mens & Boys Neckwear Manufacturers2
Mens & Boys Shirt & Pyjama Manufacturers1
Mens & Boys Suit & Coat Manufacturers14
Mens & Boys Trouser Manufacturers8
Mens & Boys Underwear Manufacturers1
Mens & Boys Work Clothing Manufacturers11
Mens Footwear Manufacturers - Not Sports3
Metal Coating & Finishing8
Metal Cutting Machine Tool Manufacturers4
Metal Detectors2
Metal Door Window & Screen Manufacturers39
Metal Household Furniture Manufacturers7
Metal Mining Services and Exploration2
Metal Office Furniture Manufacturers3
Metal Partition & Store Fixture Manufacturers3
Metal Pressing7
Metal Shipping Container Manufacturers1
Metal Stamping Manufacturers2
Metering Equipment3
Milk Processors15
Milking Machines18
Millinery Manufacturers2
Millwork Manufacturers15
Mineral Mining Services and Exploration4
Mineral Wool Manufacturers2
Mining Machinery Manufacturers Ex Oil Field1
Mining-Lead and Zinc4
Mirrors - Manufacturing7
Miscellaneous Amusement & Recreation Services49
Miscellaneous Business Credit32
Miscellaneous Leather Goods Manufacturers4
Miscellaneous Manufacturing91
Miscellaneous Plastic Product Manufacturers116
Miscellaneous Retail Outlets199
Mobile Home Manufacturers1
Mobile Phones & Communications417
Model Making4
Money & Budgeting Services MABS57
Mortgage Brokers and Services248
Motor & Generator Manufacturers5
Motor Cycles & Scooters82
Motor Cycles & Scooters - Repairs12
Motor Cycles & Scooters - Wholesale6
Motor Factors385
Motor Vehicle Manufacturers4
Motor Vehicle Part Wholesalers80
Motor Vehicle Wholesalers35
Motorbikes, Bicycles & Parts Manufacturers2
Municipal Vehicles8
Mushroom Growers22
Music Schools96
Musical Instruments103
Musical Instruments - Hire3
Musical Instruments - Manufacturing32
Musical Instruments - Repairing43
Nail Salons203
News Syndicates3
Newsagents Wholesale8
Newspaper Delivery3
Noise & Vibration Control23
Non Bulk Petroleum Wholesalers25
Non ferrous Wire Drawers & Insulators1
Non-Current Carrying Wiring Device Manufacturers1
Non-Electric Heating Equipment Manufacturers3
Notaries (Public)231
Nurseries - Horticultural165
Nursing - Convalescent Homes547
Nursing Agencies62
Occupational Health Services14
Occupational Therapists86
Off Licences343
Office Equipment & Furniture273
Office Facilities40
Oil and Gas Exploration11
Oil Field Machinery Manufacturers2
Oils - Fuels335
Oils & Other Edible Fat Manufacturers6
Ophthalmic Goods Manufacturers6
Optical Goods7
Optical Goods Wholesale8
Optical Instrument & Lens Manufacturers8
Opticians - Dispensing195
Opticians - Ophthalmic351
Organic Farmers395
Orthopaedic/Surgical Appliances & Supplies Manufacturing24
Packaging Machinery26
Packaging Materials174
Packaging Service48
Paint & Varnish Wholesalers58
Paint, Varnish & Allied Product Manufacturers28
Painting & Decorating Contractors458
Painting Contractors - Industrial75
Paper and Allied Products20
Paper Industry Machinery Manufacturers1
Paper Mills3
Paper Wholesalers13
Paperboard Mills3
Particleboard Manufacturers5
Patent Agents45
Paving Kerbing & Tarmacadam Contractors179
Paving Mixture & Block Manufacturers10
Pen & Marker Manufacturers3
Perfume & Cosmetic Manufacturers11
Pest Control75
Pet Grooming & Supplies120
Pet Stores144
Petroleum Refiners2
Pharmaceutical Goods Wholesalers215
Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing180
Photocopying & Duplicating Equipment85
Photocopying & Duplicating Equipment Services77
Photofinishing Laboratories7
Photographers - Commercial & Industrial170
Photographic Agencies & Libraries23
Photographic Equipment & Supplies Manufacturers6
Photographic Equipment Wholesalers16
Pickled Fruit, Vegetable & Sauce Manufacturers17
Picture Frames141
Picture Frames - Manufacturing & Wholesale26
Pig Breeders & Dealers12
Pile Driving Contractors19
Pipes - Manufacturing11
Piston, Carburettor & Valve Manufacturers1
Pitch & Putt Clubs84
Plant - New & Used73
Plant & Equipment Hire Contractors653
Plant Parts & Supplies19
Plant Repairing & Servicing18
Plaster Mouldings45
Plastic Material & Synthetic Resin Manufacturers34
Plastic Moulds & Tool Makers23
Plumbing Supplies178
Political Parties15
Portable Power Tool Manufacturers2
Post Office Branches958
Postal Services16
Potatoes - Wholesale21
Pottery Manufacturing161
Poultry & Egg Farms29
Poultry & Egg Processors12
Poultry Products-Wholesale22
Power Distribution & Transformer Manufacturers14
PR Photo Agency1
Primary Aluminium Producers1
Primary Lead Refiners & Smelters1
Print Brokers & Consultants51
Print Finishers17
Print Industry Machinery Manufacturers11
Printing - Business Forms7
Printing - Silk Screen Process & Manufacturing67
Printing Engineers4
Printing Ink Manufacturers10
Printing Machinery27
Private Heritage Homes30
Professional Equipment Wholesale147
Promotional Consultants35
Property Development Companies96
Property Management377
Protective Clothing & Equipment85
Public Relations151
Publishers & Publications318
Pulp Mills1
Pump Manufacturers94
Quantity Surveyors575
Quarry Plant9
Race Courses & Racing Organisation46
Radio & TV Equipment Manufacturers1
Radio Stations76
Radio Telephone Equipment24
Railroad Equipment-Manufacturing1
Railway Stations128
Raincoat & Waterproof Outerwear Manufacturers2
Record & Magnetic Tape Manufacturers1
Recording & Rehearsal Studios68
Recording Equipment & Supplies4
Records CDs & Cassettes42
Records CDs & Cassettes Wholesale11
Recruitment Agencies494
Recycling & Recycling Equipment212
Refractory Products Manufacturers3
Refrigerated Warehousing3
Refrigeration and heating equipment62
Refrigeration Equipment & Servicing162
Religious Denominations224
Removal & Storage123
Renewable Energy257
Research & Development Labs99
Residential Electric Lighting Fixture Manufacturers4
Restaurants Licensed2894
Restaurants Unlicensed1372
Retirement Accommodation86
Riding Clothes37
Riding Schools & Stables214
Road Construction6
Road Materials18
Road Safety Equipment12
Roof Tiles Manufacturing21
Roofing Contractors214
Roofing Materials30
Rubber & Plastic Hose & Belting Manufacturers4
Rubber and Miscellaneous Plastic Products20
Rugby Clubs143
Saddlers & Harness Makers18
Safes and Vaults29
Safety Consultants249
Safety Products23
Sailing Clubs114
Sailing Schools10
Sales Promotion Consultants52
Sales Training46
Sand & Gravel149
Sand & Shot Blasting45
Sandwich Bars323
Sausage & Other Meat Product Manufacturers50
Scaffolding & Formwork100
Scale & Balance Manufacturers3
Scales & Weighing Equipment46
School Furniture10
School Supplies52
School Uniforms26
Schools - 3rd Level407
Schools - Miscellaneous155
Schools - National3266
Schools - Secondary701
Scrap Iron & Metal33
Security Brokers & Dealers18
Security Devices,Seals,and Tags18
Semiconductor Manufacturers9
Septic Tank Cleaning51
Septic Tanks32
Service Establishment Equipment Wholesale22
Service Stations780
Sheet Metal Fabrication50
Shelving & Racking - Manufacturing19
Ship Builders & Repairs3
Shoe & Footwear Repairs52
Shoe Shops419
Shoes - Manufacturing9
Shoes - Wholesale25
Shop Fitters & Display Contractors78
Shop Fittings & Equipment57
Shopping Centres93
Silversmiths & Goldsmiths17
Site Investigations12
Slimming & Weight Control29
Snooker & Billiard Clubs37
Soap & Other Detergent Manufacturers25
Social Cultural & Political Organisations799
Social Welfare Offices103
Soft Drink Mfrs36
Soft Furnishings100
Softwood Veneer & Plywood Manufacturers2
Solar Heating96
Solicitors - Corporate247
Sound Equipment & Systems65
Sound Equipment & Systems Repairs6
Special Building Trade Contractors12
Speech Therapists65
Speed Changer & Gear Manufacturers1
Sports & Leisure Complexes219
Sports Clubs & Associations1381
Sports Goods & Equipment402
Sports Goods Manufacturing19
Sports Goods Wholesalers37
Sports Injury Clinics218
Stainless Steel57
Stainless Steel - Fabrications266
Stationery Manufacturers29
Stationery Wholesalers62
Steam,Gas & Hydraulic Turbine Manufacturers6
Steel - Structural83
Steel Buildings6
Steel Fabrications183
Steel Foundries5
Steel Pipe & Tube Manufacturers1
Steel Sheet & Bar Manufacturers10
Steel Spring Manufacturers Excluding Wire1
Steel Stockholders69
Steel Wire & Nail Manufacturers4
Stereo & Hi-Fi Equipment - Supplies & Repairs17
Stone Cleaning24
Stone Masons124
Storage - Data & Documents42
Storage & Self Service Storage95
Stud Farms403
Summer Schools28
Sunbeds & Sunrooms111
Surgical/Medical Instrument Manufacturers27
Surveyors - General Practice62
Sweet & Confectionery Product Manufacturers18
Swimming Pools169
Switchgear & Switchboard Manufacturers11
Symbol Groups1413
Tattoo Services & Body Piercings48
Tax Consultants350
Taxi & Taxicabs384
Telecommunication Equipment64
Telecommunications Services - Miscellaneous49
Telephone - Answering Machines4
Telephone Answering & Secretarial Services78
Telephone Cost Management7
Telephone Equipment Maintenance84
Telephone Equipment Manufacturing6
Television & Radio Programme Producers25
Television Aerials Dishes & Towers86
Television Rental & Sales139
Television Repairs52
Television Satellite & Cable Services12
Television Stations12
Tennis Clubs130
Textile Bag Manufacturers51
Textile Piece Good Wholesalers25
Theatrical Producers14
Tile Marble & Mosaic Work Contractors2
Tiling Contractors103
Timber Decking22
Timber Frame Housing28
Timber Merchants133
Timber Preservation3
Timber Products133
Tobacco & Snuff Manufacturers1
Tobacco & Tobacco Products Wholesalers10
Toll Bridge and Road Operators13
Tools Wholesale18
Tour Operators97
Tourist & Heritage Attractions335
Tourist Hostels127
Tourist Information94
Towing & Breakdown Service211
Town & Country Homes343
Town Planning95
Toys & Games129
Toys & Games - Manufacturing22
Toys & Games - Wholesale23
Tractors - Parts & Supplies44
Trade Associations368
Trade Unions76
Trailer Manufacturing27
Translators & Interpretors47
Transport Equipment Wholesale9
Transportation Equipment nec - Manufacturing3
Travel Agents & Tour Operators290
Tree Services86
Tyre & Tube Wholesalers33
Tyre Re-Treading And Repair6
Upholstered Wood Household Furnishings Manufacturers30
Upholsterers Supplies11
Urban & Community Development3
Vacuum Cleaners/Systems20
Valve Manufacturing4
Variety Stores115
Vegetable Oil Mills1
Vehicle Parts & Accessory Manufacturers17
Vehicular Lighting Equipment Manufacturers1
Vending Companies46
Vending Machine Manufacturers5
Ventilating Equipment57
Venture Capital18
Veterinary Supplies98
Video Equipment & Supplies37
Video Libraries - Commercial1
Video Photography75
Video Production & Facilities122
Video Tape - Sales & Hire17
Vitreous China Table/Kitchen Product Manufacturers2
Wall Chasing2
Wallpaper Stores45
Warehouses - Bonded5
Warehouses - General113
Warp Knit Fabric Mills2
Waste Disposal169
Waste Management80
Waste Paper4
Watch & Clock Manufacturers6
Watch Shops15
Watches - Repair20
Watches - Wholesale8
Water Coolers29
Water Filtration & Purification Equipment85
Water Transportation Services (Not Eleswhere Classified)1
Water Treatment108
Water-Softening Equipment21
Wedding Arrangement & Services19
Welding Equipment & Supplies46
Well Borers Sinkers & Testers42
Window Cleaning84
Window Cleaning Equipment & Supplies2
Window Fittings28
Windscreen Replacement81
Wines & Spirits - Wholesale98
Womens & Girls Blouse Manufacturers4
Womens & Girls Dress Manufacturers6
Womens & Girls Outerwear4
Womens & Girls Suit, Coat & Skirt Manufacturers3
Womens & Infants Clothing Wholesalers40
Womens Clothing Manufacturer9
Womens Footwear Manufacturers Excluding Athletic1
Wood Case & Crate Manufacturers15
Wood Household Furniture Manufacturers Excluding Upholstered29
Wood Office Furniture Manufacturers11
Woodworking Machry Manufacturers5
Wool Shops45
Wool Yarn Mills5
Woven Carpet & Rug Manufacturers6
X-Ray Apparatus & Tube Manufacturers1
Yarn Spinning Mills (Not Wool)2
Yarn Throwing & Winding Mills3
Youth Organisations304
Zip Fasteners4